Rebecca Watson Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Rebecca Watson, the speaker, made it clear her purpose was to inform you that while Martin Shkrelli had a huge role in the raising of Daraphim prices, he was not the only one to blame. She blames the entire pharmaceutical community for making it harder for people to access the medicine they need by constantly changing the prices. Watson builds upon her purpose by pulling out more opinions such as: “Homeopathy is bullshit and many chiropractors are dangerous quacks (Watson).” These opinions allows the reader to fully believe she is dislikes and puts blame on the pharmaceutical industry and the people within it. She specifically points out chiropractors which indicates there might have been an issue with one previously that allowed her to draw this conclusion.
Throughout the entirety of the video Watson seems to have an extreme biased against Shkrelli and the pharmaceutical industry. Instead of calling Martin Shkrelli by his proper name she refers to him as “Shithead”, which is not appropriate in any circumstance. Another sign of biased that is also prevalent throughout her video is the use of her opinion. Many times she notes what she thinks about certain aspects of the industry including people with in it. Some of the opinions also are about the US’s allowance of the
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However, the very little she does use is primarily pathos to grab the audience’s attention. She discusses the price jumps of two medicines (Retrophin and Daraphim). According to the speaker, Shkrelli was the man behind both of the price changes. Pathos is used by the attempt to make the audience empathize the consumers that have faced the cruelty of the pharmaceutical industry and their ridiculous price changes. While trying to incite emotions she uses logos by inputting statistics of the price jump which is said to be about twenty times for Retrophin and about fifty five times for
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