Rebekah Hardy Writing Style Analysis

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Hello! I am Rebekah Hardy. It is quite wonderful to introduce myself to all of you. I absolutely love writing, and am excited to take this course. I am a student at Westlake High School, and intend to go to college for physics or engineering.

I am 14 years old, and am a participant in many clubs such as Latin Club, Drama Club, Speech and Debate team, Marching Band, GSA, and Gender-Equality Club. I also plan to head up a Creative Writing club next year. My favorite clubs are certainly Speech and Debate, and Drama Club. I have a role in the next school play, and will be attempting to go to the district tournament for debate.

When it comes to debate, I compete in three different styles. The first style is Public Forum, which is a two-versus two-debate based on evidence and speaking style. The second style is Policy, which is two versus two-debate that proposes a plan, and is notorious for its fast speaking speed, and large amount of evidence. The third style is Lincoln-Douglas, which is one versus one based on morals. I love the feeling I get waking up super early on a Saturday to go compete. It’s truly a rush.
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I am only a freshman, so it is extraordinary to have received a part. I am beyond myself when it comes to this opportunity to perform in February.

In my high school, my favorite courses have been Latin and Creative Writing. I love Latin because it is challenging and requires memorization and lots of studying. I can’t wait for it to help me when I go to learn other languages, like Spanish and German. I enjoyed Creative Writing because it offered me new techniques for when I composed poetry, nonfiction, and fiction.

In the Hardy Family, there is my mother, Kim, and my brother, Chris. My mother is a psychotherapist, while my brother is a massage therapist. Chris is 24, and married with two kids. He lives almost 1300 miles away in Houston, Texas, and I miss him quite a
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