Rebel Archetype In The Forgetting And The Maze Runner By James Dashner

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In the dystopian novel, The Forgetting, by Sharon Cameron and The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, both authors use the rebel archetype to represent the need to stand up and revolt against the unjust society. After Nadia placed the ladder against the wall and lets Gray climb it, she begins to go over the city barrier. As Gray is on top and Nadia is at the bottom of the wall, the text states, “I ride the ladder and climb fast to the top, flip it over, and as soon as Gray’s feet hit the grasses at the base of the wall, I follow him down, get my hands on a lower rung and make the short drop.” Unsure if she should go over the wall with Gray, she finally decides to join him after she finds out that Jonathan of the Council was not coming for her. Even though she could be flogged and killed, Nadia refused to listen to the law made years ago and goes over the divider. Gray turned from an everyman archetype, someone who listens to government and do as they say into a rebel when he sees that Nadia has gone out of the wall a couple times and wants to join her. Another example of Nadia and Gray rebelling against the society is when Nadia stuck in a glass key to try and open the door in the back of the Archives that only people part of the Council can go through. As a result, “He does this twice more, tries a turn, and then, like a miracle, the lock clicks. I watch a grin spread across Gray’s face. I think he’s as surprised as I am. The door swings open on silent hinges. Gray takes out

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