Rebel Girl Analysis

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Rebel Girl (song by Bikini Kill) Rebel girl, Rebel girl/Rebel girl you are the queen of my world Rebel girl, Rebel girl/I think I wanna take you home Greenstone and Looney have examined the effects of income and marriage in the US as part of the Hamilton Project and believe that the decline in employment and overall economic recession has reduced the marriage prospects of men, but in contrast, American women have made significant gains in the labor market. They state “Opportunities in the workplace have allowed women to become more financially independent, making marriage less of an economic necessity". This is certainly reflected in trends in India with more women making the decision to remain single, as well as having a greater choice in the decision to leave an unhappy marriage. IC speaks of her own mother staying in a marriage due to not having any financial income of her own. However, ironically, she believes “on an average men prefer a woman who is earning less than them. It reasserts their masculinity. I think my being financially independent leads to greater stress in our marriage”. On the other hand, financial issues did not come into the discussion when interviewing my peers. In fact, CB, whose parents divorced last year, spoke of her father getting alimony from her mother! Economic necessity forces fewer women to stay in unhappy marriages…show more content…
I couldn’t take that chance.” On the other hand, in Finland you can file for divorce online and no grounds are required for filing for divorce preventing any blame or fault-finding. Similarly in the US, as Cherlin states, “In the past 30 years, the legal system, which historically supported the institution of marriage, has moved toward making divorce easier to obtain and supporting individual rights and responsibilities in rearing
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