Rebel Girl Character Analysis

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In the novel ‘Rebel Girl’ by Susan Geason, the protagonist, Su-Yin is a strong, round character. She experiences abounding hardships when the Taiping Rebellion invade Nanjing in mid-18th century China. Su-Yin had to take on the imperative responsibility of caring for Li-Lin, a young orphan whose family had been killed.

The Taiping Rebellion caused great amounts of conflict that severely impacted the life of Su-Yin. She was left to take care of Li-Lin as her family in Nanjing were all mercilessly murdered by the Taiping soldiers. For example, after the invasion, Su-Yin was left without a job. The Chun household and other staff that she worked for ran away to their families or were murdered by the relentless soldiers. The now, treacherous city of Nanjing has left a vast amount of carnage and Su-Yin deliberating about the grieving families that remain. This external conflict has left her full of terror. In the novel, Su-Yin states ‘Our lives might be better under the Taiping.’ (Page 89) as she realises that her life with the Taiping has turned out unexpected. The impact of the
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She could see the community around her fall apart which clearly affected her. For example, Su-Yin took on the responsibility of Li-Lin, which was only possible if she was stronger and not fearful. She is unable to feel safe as the Taiping makes her feel precarious because of the sudden invasion. Su-Yin can see the community around her slowly collapsing. This affects her because the Taiping have left all of the surviving citizens traumatised. They have lost their loved ones and are now being separated from their families. Su-Yin’s response to the Taiping Rebellion changed her personality as she had to become stronger to survive the dreaded incursion. This greatly affected Su-Yin because she could see the once, festive community of Nanjing, slowly
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