Rebel With A Cause Film Analysis

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Ger Zielinski's’ in his article Rebel with a Cause: An Interview with Rosa von Praunheim (2012) reveals that prauheim created many films that portrayed gay activism to being about political change— specially equals for homosexuals. What I find interesting is that New York during the 1960’s became highly gentrified where most of the “tranny bars and sex bars disappears” where the middle-class replaced them with “ tourists, coffee and fashion shops” In effort to displace gay people from New York. As a result of thus, many activist groups began to create campaigns to mobilize politically (p. 40). Rosa von Praunheim’s It is Not the Homosexual Who is Perverse, but the Situation in Which He Lives (1970) film tells a story of a homosexual male (Daniel)…show more content…
We see him turning away from the delusion of what a relationship should be like to fully embracing his differences. However, the protagonists still feels lonely in his sexual encounters. Prauheim alternates with this an unidentified narrator describing Daniel's every shortcomings to show his internalized self-hatred. From my perspective, his hatred was stemmed from the pressure that the public has placed on him, therefore, he tries behave in way that is acceptable to society. On the other hand, we see these same perverse acts in Pink Flamingo as a family indulges in competition with another \to maintain the title of the filthiest person alive. What i find similar ewtwnn the two films is that each protagonist sets out to preserve their status in society. The repulsive behaviour that the family in the pink flamingos suggests that that society had expectations and prejudices in the type of activities ‘real life’ gay people partook in. I think the film was critiquing american society and issues within the country such as bestlity, black market etc. Both movies indirectly tried to break free from social
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