Rebels And Rebellions: Essential To Modern Society

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Rebels and Rebellions Essay

There are still many problems with our society that we are dealing with or are yet to discover. Sometimes we are able to civilly address with these issues through peaceful protests or electing new government officials. However, at certain moments in history we have seen A rebellion, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is “An organized armed resistance to an established ruler or government; an uprising, a revolt”.
Rebels and rebellions are essential to society as without them, change, both good and bad, would occur at a sluggardly and dysfunctional pace. Change is essential for human growth. Change is also inevitable no matter how slow it comes. Rebellions simply work as catalysts to the process by sparking new visions in the people and leading them in organized revolt. However, as the French philosopher Albert Camus said “In order to exist, man must rebel, but rebellion must respect the limits that it discovers in itself” (Rebel Quotes). This is an interesting hypothesis as rebellions are meant to break the limits of society, but he’s saying they mustn’t overcome their own bonds. How does this constitute a rebellion if it is meant to change? Are we to perpetually change society at the limited rate set by rebellions? Can rebellion even have limits? How can a rebellion, which is meant to break limitations be properly executed if they must follow their own limitations? One might argue that Edna Pontellier from Kate

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