Rebirth Summary

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The book Rebirth overall was a great book to read about the Chicano history. It was detailed about the rough time in Los Angeles for Mexican Immigrants. It showed me certain viewpoints that I would’ve never saw such as the discrimination against U.S citizens being labeled as illegal aliens because of their looks. From what I read most Los Angeles Mexican American settlers were deported on a small compact train that was full of people from the United States to Mexico. Simply, because of their skin color or their similar looks to Mexicans. During this time most people could barely afford a car because the wages were so low and the crime rights were high due to the poverty. Therefore, the people who were deported couldn’t drive back they either…show more content…
People got beaten up to a pulp and sometimes had to go to the hospital. It was said that the Navy would beat Chicanos up and strip the naked then burn their clothes in the middle of street which too me is going to an extreme. The Zoot Suit was more of iconic fashion trend for Chicanos during 1943. Due to the Zoot Suit riots the Zoot Suit was pulled off of store shelves and were made illegal to wear in Los Angeles. In my opinion, if you have to ban a certain type of clothing because people are committing crimes with it then obviously your government isn’t doing something right and needs to be replaced immediately. I also read that the police would wait until the Sailors beat up the Chicanos during the Zoot Suit riots to arrest the Chicanos for fighting instead of both the Sailor and the Chicano. This discrimination and brutality against Chicanos from the Los Angeles police has been going on for a while now and it needs to stop. It’s one of the most disturbing and unheard of parts of history. Douglas Monroy was trying to educate the reader about the tough times of being a Chicano in Los Angeles but in reality he’s just trying to show the tough times for Chicanos overall in
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