Recalling Dido Analysis

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Recalling Dido

She had the crowd sing with her soulful and husky style of singing. The wider audience first known her as that croaky songstress side by side by Eminem on the hit single ‘Stan.’ It must be true that her appearance with Eminem allowed her to charm a wider scope of audience however, unknown to majority of worldwide music patrons, she is already a big thing in the UK.

Even before she set foot in the US music arena, Dido has been a regular presence in the UK scene. She started in 1999 with the release of her debut album named ‘No Angel.’ Her song ‘Here with Me’ was a success that it even managed to climb top 4 on UK hit charts that time. This track’s favorable outcome glided and became a theme song for US Series ‘Roswell.’ This singer’s birth name is kind of mouthful – Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong. She was born December 1971 in Kensington London. She was raised by a poet mother named Clare and a publisher father named William O’Malley Armstrong. Dido was quite a musician even during her early age. At the tender age of 10, Dido was able to play piano, violin and recorder (a flute-like instrument). Her early working years was rendered in a publishing house. But the calling of music was so strong that she ended up leaving her day job in pursuance of her passion for music. She first started as backup singer and eventually signed for Artista label in 1997. Greater mass attention came in 2000 after pairing with the ultimate ‘Slim Shady.’ Eminem helped Dido cover a bigger population of listeners in 2001. Being included on the
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After hiatus, she came back in the year 2008 with her third album ‘Safe Trip.’ It was then followed by her fourth album called ‘Girl Who Got Away.’ These might not be as successful as her earlier year but it was told that she’s currently on the works for her fifth album. As to when it will come to materialize, let’s wait and
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