Frankenstein Justice Analysis

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Receiving Justice (Mythological) Justice in the creature’s eyes is not just to fix karma, but meaning equality for all in society. Justice refers to the quality of being fair and reasonable. The creature was thirsty for justice and fairness between him, society, and especially his creator, Victor Frankenstein. As the creature learns by experience, he notices he is hideous and does not fit in with the world. “The source of the conflict between Victor and the monster starts when the monster knows that he has been the victim of foul injustice at the hands of humans and he wants Victor to correct these wrongs, and do in this way, justice” ( The unjust way to get back at Victor results in loss and brutal suffering from the hands of the creature. Shortly after Victor created the creature he abandoned the monster he made and ran away, hoping to never see the horrid thing again. The creature acts out and needs revenge against Victor because of the way his creator left him after just bringing him into the world. The way of revenge isn’t directly to Victor but to those who are meaningful to him. The creature strangles William, Victors brother and…show more content…
The creature murdered many innocent people knowing his in this pursuit of righteousness how it would so harshly effect Victor. “My own vampire, my own spirit let loose from the grave, and forced to destroy all that was dear to me” (Clemit). The creature as shown, was Victor’s own ugliness created into a horrid being; destroying all that made him happy in the world. “Shelly could be using the monster as a symbol for our own ugliness or the animal side of man’s nature. Although the monster appears to be the cause of fear and prejudice, he might stand for our ugly and violent reaction to something unknown and different” ( The creature exposed to Victor the wrongs of messing with creation and utter seclusion from
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