Recent Trends In E-Commerce

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Recent Trends in the Field of E-Commerce
( A. Emimol Grace, Lecturer , The American College)

Abstract :
Today the internet and E-commerce are daily routine in our life. It is no longer a device to be used only by highly wealthy and technologically advanced people. Now it is very popular today with all kinds of people from rich to poor, from businessmen to employees, from scientists to school going students E-commerce or Electronic commerce consists primarily of the distribution, buying, selling, marketing, advertising and servicing of products or services with the help of internet and other computer networks. The birth of companies such as eBay and Amazon (launched in 1994) really began to lead the way in E- commerce. In response to expert
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This means customers will be harder to win, easier to lose and fussier on price and user experience. To avoid falling behind the ever more fierce competition, you will need to both be aware of and benefit from the latest trends in e-commerce. In the broad meaning electronic commerce is a means of conducting business using one of many electronic methods, usually involving internet, computers or both. E-Commerce is not about the technology itself, it is about doing business using the technology. It is an electronic business application and involves electronic fund transfer, supply chain management, online transaction processing, e-marketing, corporate purchasing, value chain integrations…show more content…
It promotes easier cooperation between different groups, business sharing information’s to improve customer relations, build new products or services, more personalization, better customer service etc. With the onset of information technology the way we do business has changed. It replaced from paper cheque or money to electronic payment system, from paper or postal invoice to electronic invoice and form traditional commerce to electronic commerce etc. Today we are live in the age of E-commerce and it develops from traditional commerce. The e-commerce is one of the biggest things that have taken the business by a storm. It is creating an entire new economy, which has a huge potential and is fundamentally changing way businesses are done .Here we try to analyze the recent trends in e-commerce .They are as follows. RECENT TRENDS IN E-COMMERCE:
Ecommerce thanks to mobile commerce are growing rapidly. As per a recent prediction by eMarketer, spending through online shopping reached the all-time peak in 2016 amount bigger than $22 trillion. The same figure is expected to reach at least $27 trillion in 2020. o ‘Mobile Friendly’ Website and

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