Recent Trends In Theoretical Psychology: What Is True Beauty?

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What is True Beauty? There is a wide range of notions regarding the definition of True Beauty as it specifically relates to women, and where its greatest value exists, inner verses outer beauty. This essay will discuss, first the ideology of beauty, second, the concept of true beauty as defined by a celebrity, and thirdly, true beauty as I envision it and where I believe true beauty resides. According to Efrat Tseelon the concept of beauty is a gender related category. In the book “Recent Trends in theoretical psychology, The Ideology of Beauty”, Tseelon states “In a society where sexual difference forms part of its dominant ideology, men and women are bound to occupy different positions on the attractiveness dimension. Looks may be important to a man but they are consequential for the woman: both in terms of how others value her and how she values herself. The beauty ideology forces the woman into a paradoxical existence, without making the paradoxes obvious. Thus whether or not she succeeds in subscribing to the beauty system, controlling her body, and following the fantasy models of beauty it provides (be it the feminine fragile one, or the healthy sporty one) she is in a double-bind. If she fails she is powerless and condemned as ugliness. If she succeeds she is still powerless, because locked into the “regime of the woman” which defines her value and worth through her appearance, her success only underlines her inessential nature”. As a result of this paradoxical

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