Receptive Skills In Reading

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Receptive skills-Listening and Reading: A sin qua non for Engineers

Tarjani Dakshesh Sheth
Teaching Assistant, ASH Department, Uka Tarsadia University, Gujarat, India

Today’s world considers English as a universal language because there has never been a language so extensively spread or spoken by so many people as English. That includes India as well. In communication, a receptive capacity for decoding foreign language and content of the message is a skill which can be trained and developed through teaching. Universities can play a key role to shape the future engineers to cope the growing demand of acquiring receptive skills in English Language. The aim of this paper is considering the present scenario
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Besides, as our main aim is to prepare the students for real-life social interaction, social listening could also be one of the skills. There is also a need to learn how to think about and respond to what we listen to; because we often take part in social interaction and face-to-face conversations. Therefore, and direct teaching of the skill followed by organized, sequential practice has to be assimilated in the second language curriculum. As Y.SREENIVASULU and R.V. J. KASYAP [6] puts it : “learners require a model of the target language to reproduce, a kind of Standard English, which is systematic in training. Teachers with such good model, play an essential role in teaching right pronunciation. The more a teacher cares his own pronunciation the better a learner cares and learn it. They will automatically mend their own pronunciation at the college level if they get a chance to listen to it regularly in the…show more content…
One must read the printed lines, as well as between the lines, behind the lines and beyond the lines for symbolic meanings, concealed meanings and ironic meanings. “The style or method of reading depends upon the reader’s purpose or intent. Reading any material is expected to make the reader more competent and give him more knowledge and insight.” [3] In fact, reading is one of the resources of knowledge. Effective reading is an active reading. Therefore one must know the drive and intent. Since reading is thinking under the stimulus of the printed page, it is a psycholinguistic guessing game, a technical teacher, student and other professional reader must focus on this intellectual soft skill which is a perplexing and lucrative activity for a modern reader to get success in his career.
Since reading is an active process, a reader can understand a text only when he actively puts to use his mental faculties. While reading, a reader interacts with a text, decodes it and constructs meanings in the process. What he constructs depends on not only what the writer writes but also on what the reader brings to the text. This intellectual soft skill is a challenging and profitable activity for a contemporary reader since current textual material is mostly abstract and

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