Receptiveness In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Seeing the good in mankind can be challenging at times, but it will always be there. Automatically humans make decisions based on what is best for them and since they are social beings this generally includes the wellbeing of others. Humans cry and scream to alert others of pain, therefore they are receptive to those who are experiencing it. This receptiveness comes with the wish to give aid. Mankind experiences loss and anguish, hatred and vengefulness, physical and mental agony, yet we strive for greatness. This happens because man developed hope. However hope doe not work alone. Forgiveness, compassion collaboration, tolerance and more are all features of the human personality that allows for hope to thrive. Man’s progress relies and relied…show more content…
He believes that when uninfluenced by society man will revert back to savage like behaviour. Humans will turn on each other, kill each other and have an animalistic drive. Thus proving the beast within humans, which is the inherent evil. However this story is a work of fiction that largely ignores many important details. The characters in Golding’s story are unrealistic and he disregards certain feelings and reactions to situations that occur during the story. The entire story is based on the fact that there plane crashed on a desert island and they are the only survivors. Yet it rarely discusses the possible survivors guilt, post traumatic stress disorder, general injuries and any form of sadness, loss or exponential fear the boys would experience. Without these and more, Golding can not accurately say that mans exposure of evil would have been the outcome of this story. In reality people tend to band together in times of crisis which is subsequently the reason human have thrived so much. There is the occasional outlier, but more often than not these people become destructive because they have been bent against there inherent nature by bad influences and unique scenarios that cause them to develop abnormally. It is human nature to be inherently good because of their deeply rooted traits such as forgiveness, empathy, collaboration and
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