Recess Narrative

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5th Grade It was an ordinary school day at Lakeview Elementary School. Recess was near. When the teacher dismissed the class for recess, I ran for the swings to meet my friend where we swing every afternoon recess. Whenever she got on the swing, she would hold onto the swing, run up, and jump on the swing and start swinging. I could never and still can’t do that, however, I still tried it. I ran, jumped up, and over jumped the swing. You would think that I would just fall on my back and get up and try again, but of course that did not happen.
My pants caught onto the swing and and I fell back. I did not hit the ground because my pants were somehow holding me up and my legs we dangling in the air.
Because my pants got caught and my body
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He then proceeded to ask me what felt like 20 questions as I was swaying back and forth like a tree in the wind. I could barely hold myself up at that point when bam! All of a sudden it went black and my knees gave out on me. My books and phone fell to the ground along with myself. I remember waking up looking at the ceiling saying “I’m okay” over and over again. The sub and a guy from my table helped me up into a chair. Mr. Ellebruch came in, took my pulse, and started talking to me about how he knows my family and stuff I didn’t really follow. I’m assuming he was trying to calm me down but I felt perfectly fine. He walked me down to the office while two of my friends went to my locker to get my homework for me.
Luckily my mom was already on her way so I didn’t have to sit in the office awkwardly for long. I went home and layed in bed and watched Netflix for the rest of the day until the football game that night. A lot of my friends sent me sweet texts that day wishing me well which was nice of them. I laugh about it now when I talk about it to the people that were in my study hall that day, but they still get freaked out about it saying how scary it was. What I’ve learned from that day is to not have Ibuprofen without eating before because that was the cause of passing
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