Recidivism In The Therapeutic Community

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The therapeutic communities in a women correctional setting have been shown to reduce substance use and recidivism. The lack of evidence, prisons and community correctional settings across the country continue to introduce new TC programs for women. The modify therapeutic communities group had a significantly lower likelihood of alcohol or drug use 12-months post-prison release as compared to a control group. The majority of women are incarcerated for nonviolent offenses and pose little or no danger to society (Eliason, M.J.2006). The TC tools can be powerful calls for accountability and acknowledging one's negative behaviors can be helpful. The therapeutic communities approach is holistic and curative, rather than punitive. The therapeutic communities promote the values which sustain recovery, and is the goal of treatment.…show more content…
I learned that most of the residents have not had positive experiences with authority figures a before entering the program. New residents are fearful, distrusting, disappointed, or hostile when interacting with authority figures. There was a desperate need for effective substance abuse treatment programs and TC's were well-suited to the prison environment in many ways (Eliason, M.J.2006). The recent findings on recidivism indicates that the TC can be adapted successfully for offenders with MICA disorders in correctional

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