Recipe Murder Film Analysis

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The documentary “Recipe Murder” includes 3 women who have murdered in Sydney with the contaminated source of Thallium, rat poisoning secretly. The composer of the documentary “Recipe for Murder” portrayed the women and their case study in a particular way, including Caroline Grills who is a grandma that has a passion for baking, as she keeps on cooking, people keep dying around her. Although, she is portrayed as innocent as a mice through the two film techniques voice over and music. BODY 1: The composer used the film technique of voice over to depict Caroline Grills, a serial killer and her case study as guiltless as possible. In the documentary, Caroline Grills is said to be a “loving, caring and harmless”, grandma who adores taking care of her welcomed guests by providing them with food and warm tea, her guests and victims unaware …show more content…

Through out the documentary, different scenes have background music that connects to what is happening. One example was a scene where Caroline is baking treats. Music was placed over top of the baking scene and was depicted as sweet, creating the vibe and sense of joy and innocence. The music placed in a cooking scene gave the impression of innocence and kindness that leads to having Caroline Grills, being kind hearted just as the music portrayed her to be. By including the joyful sweet music with Caroline’s case study; the composer has made sure that this is how the audience will sense both Caroline and her case, guiltless and kind hearted. CONCLUSION: The composer of “Recipe for Murder” has portrayed all murderous women in a particular way. Caroline Grills and her case study was portrayed as impossibly guilty due to the film techniques of voice over and music that clearly communicated she was not capable of doing such crime as well as was very sweet, therefore portrayed her as innocent and kind

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