Reciprocity In Social Media

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I would be going to review and critique the research study about the role of personal reciprocity and social media reciprocity in news consumption and creation. Where the study indicates that scholars may be correct in theorizing the role of reciprocity in the news interaction process, in social media and society broadly.

Brief Summary
The researchers stated that the purpose of the study is to explore the possibility that personal beliefs in reciprocity may predict news consumption, it is reciprocity on social media that is associated not only with news consumption but also in content creation. Reciprocity, in the study, is defined as the exchange between individuals for mutual benefits or for the
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national study conducted at a south western university. The respondents were selected from those who registered in an online panel by the AS Nielsen. For the possible distribution of the demographics variables, they gathered the gender, age, education and income of the sample reported by the U.S. Census. It was conducted in December 2013 and January 2014. The researchers administered a survey through Qualtrics, an online survey software. Therefore, it is a Quantitative research. To measure the personal reciprocity and the social media reciprocity, they divided the variables into three: Control Variables, Independent Variables and Dependent Variables. The violation occurs in this part. The researchers violated the issue in voluntary participation, selecting the sample and the integrity of the data, it will be discuss…show more content…
2534- 2535) And they also admitted that there remains much to discover about the role of personal reciprocity and social media reciprocity. This research is not enough and it only provides the first step by indicating that reciprocity as enacted through social media can / may influence the consumption and even in the creation of media both in general and specific context of the news. My assumption is supported by their Discussions and Conclusion that they did not prove significance the role of personal reciprocity but only in social media
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