Reciprocity Style Essay Examples

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According to Merriam-Webster the term Reciprocity is defined as the quality or state of mutual dependence, action, or influence. In our lives there are certain people we depend on and they depend on us equally. That is a common/simple example of a reciprocity style in our daily life. Matter of fact that was just an example of a single reciprocity style; actually, there are a multitude of reciprocity styles that exist in our world around us. In the book “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success” by Adam Grant many reciprocity styles are mentioned with examples. In this essay three different reciprocity styles will be mentioned and examples of each one will be stated help demonstrate each style.These three reciprocity styles are gives, takers, and matchers. As a matter of fact each and every one of these reciprocity styles is different in its own way and some styles are more focused to certain types of people. These three styles are the most influential and are most likely to help someone succeed. The first reciprocity style to be discussed is givers. Like common perception, givers help others by donating possessions, time, and other resources. According to the Grant (2014), Across occupations, it appears that givers are just too caring, too…show more content…
Matchers are the ones that balance giving and taking. Matchers know when to give and when to take in order to promote self wellbeing. Matchers are equally as selfish as they are selfless which prevents them from being taken advantage of. This balance also allows them to keep taking from others without burning their peers out.Most are of a matchers principles are based off of the idea of fairness. Matchers feel that relationships should consist of equal effort of both spouses. They also feel that relationships are unhealthy and will not last if one of the partners is putting more effort into it than the other. Matchers believe in the saying “if it 's meant to be, it will
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