Reciprocity With A Vengeance Analysis

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"Reciprocity with a Vengeance" Jonathan Haidt discusses " Reciprocity with a vengeance" by using examples. For starter he used the movie The Godfather with a scene of the daughter of the Godfather getting engage and an man came and address to make an arrangement to avenge a person from beaten by her ex boyfriend and an accomplice. Haidt using the example from the scene introducing the ideas of violence, kinship, and morality from the movie. Ultrasociality define by Haidt as living in large cooperative societies in which hundreds or thousands of individuals divide the work. Another section he provided You Scratch my back I'll Scratch Yours has to do with reciprocity since if you do something positive then I do the same. Another idea that Haidt said "You stab his back, I'll stab yours" if you something to this particular person, then you will have to face me. Reciprocity is the key component that drives people to feel in a way to build in retaliation or even getting rewarded for the aftermath in completing the task. Although in…show more content…
I can't believe that everyone seems to struggle a lot in what is right. I some cases do blame my problems on someone else since I have a bad day. I feel in some cases I blame most of things I do on myself since I cause the problem in most cases. If I tend to keep my thoughts in my head then no drama will cause people feel hurt or even hate. In some cases I faced being hated by stuff I say does not make any sense. However, it does feel it is clear to me. Not everything is people's fault in some cases it is yours. I learn it the hard way since I like making new friends to get to know them better and a standard standing where you will not be hated in anyways. After this chapter it is clear to me I can change the way I act, so I will be appreciated. It is just to hard for me to change how I act since I am adapted to the way I am. I will take some steps to get me
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