Recitation Of The Holy Quram Essay

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The Heart Trembling Beauty of Quran Recitation
Tranquility is the most suitable word which we can associate with the recitation of the Holy Quran. A strange yet soothing feeling comes out from our hearts either we recite the Holy Quran or listen to someone else reciting the most eloquent words of Almighty Allah. When an expert Qari recites the Holy Quran, we just feel that something has taken us to the skies. Just listen to the recitation of the Nobel Quran either by Sheikh Abdul Rehman Sudais or Sheikh Mishary Bin Rashid Al-Afasy, assessable at various virtual Islamic platforms and you will really feel heavenly. I love the way they recite the verses because it simply creates a trembling effect in my heart.
Each and every word of this Noble Book is guidance, with a reward of 10 good deeds being promised for even a single
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I personally do not know the Arabic language, but still when the Quran is being recited, my heart fills with something miraculous. Holy Quran, indeed is the real fuel for our souls. The beautiful message of the Supreme Creator has the absolute power to melt hard hearts and heal broken ones.
This is the miracle of the Holy Quran which melted the heart of Hazrat Omar RadiAllahuAnho who at that time was considered to be as stiff as a person could possibly be. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed to Allah Almighty to bless him with the company of either Omar Bin Khatab or Omar Bin Hashaam (Abu Jahal). And Allah Almighty accepted the supplication of the beloved Prophet (PBUH) by melting and transforming the heart of Hazrat Omar RadiAllahuAnho through the miraculous effect of the recitation of the Holy Quran.
Purification of Hearts
It is never too late for a person to seek refuge from Allah. The Holy Quran is the best way to purify your rusted hearts and get onto the righteous path of virtue leaving behind a life of sin and

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