Reckless Behavior In The Great Gatsby

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Reckless behavior in the 1920’s

The orchestra plays loud tunes as the women and men dance in a fast pace in the middle of the room, being the center of the attention. Drinks are poured every second as if there were no tomorrow, carelessly driving in their luxurious Rolls Royce. This was a casual day in the 1920’s were fun was there the way of living. The film “Chicago” and the novel “The Great Gatsby” shows how the 1920’s are reckless, which can be shown through Gatsby’s impulsive behavior and Roxie’s ambition to reach fame.In the novel The Great Gatsby, the characters express selfishness and don't really care about anyone but themselves. Don't really care about the people they hurt along the way. Such as Daisy Buchanan reckless driving
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We slow down Taking a white card from his wallet , he waved it before the man’s eyes “right you are,” agreed the policeman ,tipping his cap “know you next time, Mr.Gatsby. Excuse me!” (Fitzgerald). This proves the reckless and selfish behavior of the nineteen- the twenties.The characters would try anything to get fame,money or power. Similar to the film once Roxie was in jail she gain lots of fame by giving false information to the reporters and the court.This made Roxie Hart famous and she tried everything to keep the attention and lights on her. (“Razzle Dazzle”). In “ The Great Gatsby” Tom Buchanan express the theme of reckless behavior. He never took responsibility for his actions and accused gatsby of the death of Myrtle. Gatsby’s death in the swimming pool occurs when he gets shot in the swimming pool in the back. Fitzgerald describes this tragedy with these words: “The chauffeur he was one of Wolfsheim’s proteges heard the shots afterward he could only say that he hadn't thought anything much about them.” ( Fitzgerald 161). In the same that Velma’s only got herself out of trouble by buying out her problems which later becomes an issue when Roxie comes in into the picture and starts stealing Velma’s
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