Reckless Play Analysis

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People think they understand each other by doing the same thing or living together. Actually, no one can really understand anyone else even they always have the same interests and ideas. The play Reckless, directed by Hank Stratton, is a good example demonstrating the idea above is true. At the beginning, Rachel, played by Grace Kirkpatrick, describing how much she loves Christmas. Instead of enjoying having a discussion with Rachel, Tom, played by Zackry Colston, sits there without saying any words. After a while, Tom tells Rachel that he is taken out a contract on her life. No one knows why Tom does that even Rachel. Still, no one knows why Tom asks Rachel run away and tries to kill her with a champagne even she lives far away from Tom. He finds her and tries to kill all of them. Also, Lloyd, played by Scott…show more content…
The play suggests that human are paradoxes. No one can really understand anyone else.
The brightness and color of the light enhance the situation a character. In the beginning of the play, the blue light shows the coldness of the day. Continuing snowing outside. It emphasize the terrible situation of Rachel. She has to run away from her home without preparing in a extremely cold night. Don’t even have a coat on her. This act shows that Rachel doesn’t understand Tom, even they get married, living together for a long, having two child. Tom asks Rachel to run away after he is taken out a contract on her. No one knows why he does that. The light effect in the scene that Rachel goes to see the doctor is also fun. Only the place Rachel and the doctor is bright. The other places are dark.
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