Recognition System In Pakistan

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Introduction Educational sector all over the world is of great importance because without education no nation can get progress the objective of the educational sector is to bring awareness tn people so that they can become useful part of the world. The educational system of Pakistan is among the least-developed in the world. The system was based on the British colonial educational system, which lasted until 1947. In that year, Pakistan gained independence as a result of the partition of the Indian subcontinent into the states of India and Pakistan. The colonial system was elitist; it was meant to educate a small portion of the population to run the government. The clear objectives of the educational sector can be obtained only if the employees…show more content…
To have the greatest impact in the workplace, recognition activities should also reinforce and encourage work that advances employee, departmental, and institutional goals and values. Through recognition the behavior of the employees is checked from a specific period of time on the basis of their performance to achieve some organizational and individual goals, recognition can be called as a motivational factor through which performance of the employees can be increased. Effective job performance can be achieved through providing proper recognition to the staff. Recognition can be done through many ways like performance appraisal, rewards, appreciation, bonuses etc Employees are motivated by both intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. An effective reward system recognizes both sources of motivation. There are several factors that influence and motivate peak performance. To ensure that the reward system is effective and motivates the desired behaviors, it is important that rewards are based on or linked to performance. Rewarding performance fairly is a supervisory responsibility that occurs regularly, not once a year at the time of annual performance…show more content…
Recognition is very important tool for management to increase the motivation level of employees and hence an increase in performance, the employees who are recognized are more satisfied and more performance is gained from satisfied employees (Tessema, Ready, Embay, 2013). Non monetary recognition has a positive effect on performance. If recognition is given to best employee only then the performance can be raised subsequently because the employees who are not given recognition try to give more performance to get recognition ( Bradler et al, 2012). Organizations are interested in managing their human resources in a such a way that all the employees can contribute to the performance. All human resources can give their best contribution for achieving the organizational goals if they are recognized by in the organization. In all the organizations there should be a performance appraisal system that all the employees can understand easily and also can accept (Alam et al, 2013). If there is more attention is paid to recognition of the employees then the level of job performance increases significantly. Recognition programs must be according to the needs of the diverse group of people in the organization(Ali & Ahmad, 2009). Discrimination must be avoided in recognition programs in the

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