Recommendation Letter: How I Want To Study In University

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Last Name: Ismael First Name: Cyntia Recommendation Letter Worksheet The information on this form should only pertain to your performance in your classes. Be honest in your answers as this will best help your teacher produce a more thoughtful and effective recommendation. Please answer the following questions: 1. What do you hope to study in university? I hope to study in university because I believe that it will an opportunity to be professionally specialized in a specific area and bring impactful improvements to my community in the future; besides, I believe that studying in a university will bring me many other opportunities and will permit me to develop professional skills in Business administration and Economics. 2. Why do you want to study this…show more content…
Identify the academic accomplishments of which you are most proud. An academic accomplishment that I am proud of is being capable to write and speak English, which is something that I could not do in the beginning of the year. After doing many projects that consisted on training my writing and speaking skills, public communication and many other projects that involved interacting directly with ALA community through my English for Excellence Class, I could develop my English and the habit to study by my own in order to be constantly improving in my communication. 7. What positive adjectives could your teachers use to describe you and give an example? (E.g., Creative – Once we learned the complexities of creating a bio-energy generator, I led a team of classmates in designing a simpler version to use on our community service project.) Proactive- whenever there is an assignment I try to do it earlier as possible; Patience- In my BUILD LAB team I use listen and try my best to understand my teammates; When it was to make important decisions in the team; Responsible- I take everything that we do in class seriously and I put effort; Present and engaged- paying attention and being participattive in
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