Reconsideration-Disability Hearing Unit Case

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Primary Diagnosis: Disorder of bone/cartilage. Secondary Diagnosis: Obesity. This was a Reconsideration- Disability Hearing Unit (DHU) case, stated his medical condition was worse than ever before. 41-year-old male alleged sarcoidosis of skin and lungs, severe depression, lumbar facet syndrome, degenerative joint/disc disease (neck, lower back, bilateral knees). Limited range of motion left shoulder, morbid obesity (6’2” and 291 pounds), chronic lower back pain, lumbar spondylosis, osteoporosis (knee). Insomnia, sleep apnea, asthma, allergic rhinitis. Elevated cholesterol, vitamin B deficiency, gastritis, recurrent folliculitis/prurigo nodularis. Reporting health issues: Had difficulty with all personal care and all activities of…show more content…
Per pulmonary function tests, his condition was stable. Degenerative disc disease lower back and neck, lower back pain. Degenerative joint disease right knee. Right and left knee scope in 2008, right knee scope in 07/2010, decreased range of motion bilateral knees. Independent with activities of daily living. Mood disorder, depression, panic attacks. Education: 1 year of college completed in 1991. Work history: After Military service he tested phone lines and installed computers. CDR Primary Diagnosis: Disorder of bone/cartilage. Secondary Diagnosis: Obesity. Medical Records Information: Swollen lower extremities, tender to palpation lower back, right knee and left shoulder. Limited range of motion neck and lower back. Unable to squat, unable to walk on heels and toes. Asthma, sleep apnea, obesity (11/21/2014 weighed 304.4 pounds), diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Was receiving mental health treatment for major depression and chronic pain in the lower back and legs, pain was “becoming intolerable.” Also reported anxiety. Comments: It seemed that there was no improvement in the claimant’s

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