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I am currently reading the book, Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight, and I am on page 201. A lot of very interesting events have happened in the last few chapters; I don’t even know where to start. I am going to be questioning, predicting and visualizing.
To start off, Amelia continues to see the Magpies and go to all the meetings. Why does she keep going to the club meetings? Her best friends Sylvia believes that Amelia is in love, or has finally gotten a boyfriend. Did Amelia really find love with someone? These two questions connect so much more than you can think, and here is the why. It all started when Amelia and Sylvia were sitting in the tea restaurant and Sylvia was nagging on Amelia about how she tries to act artsy of Facebook,
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I could see the events going through my head, it was like watching a movie, and it was so intense and you just know they are going to kiss, while you’re sitting on the edge of your seat screaming “DO IT ALREADY”. Amelia walks through Zadie’s house with her, walking slowly down the stairs, trying desperately not to make Zadie mad at her. “’It’s so quiet down here,’ I said like an idiot.” (McCreight 160). Of course Zadie had to criticize me like she always does, but apparently her basement is sound proof because her dad is a musician. After having a tense conversation with Zadie, her eyes cutting me like bread, and her hair itself could be a pack of cigarettes from the harsh smell coming from it. Finally Dylan bounded around the corner from the long hallway. I could see the tension in the air, that’s how much there was, and Amelia was showing it too. “My heart skipped, thinking she was talking to me. But she turned to Zadie instead.” (McCreight 160). Zadie and Dylan stopped talking and Zadie walked off down the hallway, Amelia followed next to Dylan. Amelia had her eyes glued onto the ground as she thought that if she looked at Dylan, she might begin to cry. Amelia apologized for being late, but Dylan decided to break the touch barrier. She held a finger up to her lips, turned over and checked if Zadie was gone, like she was telling her
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