Reconstructing Amelia By Kimberly Mccreight Character Analysis

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Star student, Amelia, is gone unexpectedly. Kate Baron, Amelia’s mother, is shocked when she receives a call from Grace Hall, Amelia’s high school. On the other end of the phone, the school’s Headmaster tells Kate that Amelia has been suspended for cheating. But it can’t be true Amelia is a picture-perfect student. Kate arrives at the school only to see flashing lights and people everywhere. A police officer shares the shocking news with Kate; her daughter jumped off the roof. Struggling with grief and disbelief, Kate and lieutenant Lew try to piece together Amelia’s unsuspected death. I’m reading Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight. In this journal, I will be questioning, predicting, and visualizing. I wonder if Amelia jumped off…show more content…
Initially, Kate is very dedicated to finding the answers. Her career drives her to find justice. Amelia’s mother is a lawyer, so she defends others for a living. Through Kate’s eyes, this is the most important case of her life. Also, she wants justice for her own daughter. It is obvious Kate wants justice: “She’d been pushed off, quieted down, and disregarded once. She’d been made to accept something she did not believe. She wasn’t going to sit there and let it happen again” (McCreight 138). Kate just wants to know the truth about her daughter. Secondly, Amelia’s mother is finally getting good help to assist her in discovering what led up to and what really happened on Grace Hall’s rooftop. At first, Detective Molina was “helping” Kate solve Amelia’s mystery. Kate feels compunction for simply agreeing to Molina’s theory, but she felt if she denied him, she would just be in denial of her daughter’s death. When Kate received a text from an anonymous number, Lieutenant Lew is right by her side to help Kate figure out who sent it. Lieutenant Lew takes Amelia’s case over from Molina. Lew is willing to search through all of the evidence with a comb until he knows every answer Kate is dying to know. ☺ I think with Kate’s background, connections, and assistance she will solve her daughter’s
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