Reconstructing Amelia Summary

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I am reading Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight and I am on page 168. This book is about a top student who gets suspended one day. Her mom is shocked as she is never in trouble, but comes to pick her up and finds her beloved daughter dead. In this journal I will be questioning and predicting. One question would be why was she on the roof and how did she fall from the roof? Maybe she wanted to intentionally fall from the roof. First, her mom is never around and working all the time. In the book McCreight introduces, “The worst part about their argument was that Kate had then ended up getting home the night before too late—late again, late always—“ (McCreight 12). This evaluates how her mom is never around and is always busy with her…show more content…
One reason this might happen is because someone does not like Amelia. Someone wrote a disturbing note to Amelia saying “I HATE YOU!!!” This expresses that someone in the school does not like Amelia and might want to do something about it. They might want to intentionally hurt her or even worse kill her. Finding this note was disturbing to Kate, her mom, because after this note was found 22 others with the same thing on them were found. McCreight says, “Some kind of gang was harassing Amelia” (McCreight 87). This can express that a group of people, maybe together, hated Amelia. In the start of the book, McCreight introduces how clubs were ban after a boy was killed. This may be allusion showing that a gang, or club, was threatening or planning to harm Amelia. Another possible reason for my prediction is that Amelia may know something about another and that other person may not want anyone to know about that secret so they have to get rid of Amelia. First, a school known colleague for gRaCeFULLY, a article who gossips, may have found out that Amelia knew a secret about her/him and needed to get rid of Amelia. This can express that she/he could have needed to get rid of Amelia so no one in the school would find out about the horrible secret. Second, one of Amelia’s top associates was Ben. She would tell almost everything to him and maybe he would hold a grudge on her. This may be because Amelia tells Sylvia, her best friend since kindergarten, things about him and what they talk about. Third, Sylvia might have a grudge on Amelia. Amelia is a good student, and is a good athlete, and Sylvia is not. Sylvia may be jealous of Amelia and needs to get rid of her so she can be the best in school. In conclusion, these are all reasons for my prediction that someone intentionally pushed her off the
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