Reconstruction Argumentative Essay

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The Reconstruction Period is a quintessential part of learning American history. This period changed and crafted America. Some people say it was for the good and others say it negatively affected America. A heavily debated topic in the Reconstruction argument is whether or not it benefited African Americans and everyone else politically. The Reconstruction was a political failure due to voting suppression, Jim Crow Laws, and Black Codes. The first important topic that helps support the argument that it was a political failure is voting suppression. During The Reconstruction, there were sets of rules put in place to prevent African Americans from voting. These rules were made by white officials who did not want them to have a say. Firstly, literacy tests were made so the men and women who were once enslaved would not be able to vote. They were never taught to read or write so it was difficult for them to vote. On top of that, the questions were not even based on the ability to read or write, they were based on knowledge of American history as noted in (Onion). Next, there were poll taxes so those without money cannot vote. At this time, the African Americans were working their way into the economy and …show more content…

The Jim Crow laws were a series of oppressive laws that were enacted during the Reconstruction to target African Americans in the United States. These laws mandated strict racial segregation in public places such as schools, restaurants, and public transportation. They also disenfranchised African Americans by preventing them from voting, serving on juries, and other civil rights. Jim Crow laws also allowed for the enforcement of segregation through police brutality and other forms of violence. These laws were in effect until 1965, when the Civil Rights Acts were passed. The Jim Crow laws were a major setback for African American civil rights during the Reconstruction

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