Reconstruction Background

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Drawing Backgrounds in Red The turn of the 1930s was the Nadir of the Reconstruction, the end of the economic boom of the roaring twenties, and the beginning of the great depression. Meanwhile, America as a hegemon was gearing up for an economic and violent battle with the Soviet Union in a war that would be called World War II and simmer into what is known as the Cold War. At the turn of the 1930s, the reconstruction-era was nearing its end because the force that made up the bulk of its political power and presence President Abraham Lincoln had long since gone and had been replaced by President Hoover who had a much weaker resolve on the racial issues and goals of reconstruction. At its end, only the reintegration of the south out of Reconstruction’s three goals was achieved, the goals of integration of black people into the economic and political framework of the South had failed. But not only due to racism, as one would guess, or the Southern Redemption, but due to the red scare, an effective bulwark employed by political pundits within the South to curb the political integration of Black people into the Southern legislative franchise. The Cold War, a war ideologies, theories, and economies, birthed a tool for terror and discrimination that would go on to impede activism and progress in the black community…show more content…
This paper hopes to answer why blackness and communism were so deeply confounded in American society from the 1930s to 1960s; how “Black communism” and communism were two different entities; and how communism was used as a
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