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The Reconstruction Era in the U.S. was from 1865-1877, and the Civil war in 1865 gave million of slaves their freedom, but the process of rebuilding the south durning this time introduced many challenges. Reconstruction was a period of time in America that was difficult for the African American slaves and one of the most critical periods in American History. Like all things in life, Reconstruction did come to an end, the conclusion has been labeled both a victory and a loss. Abraham Lincoln started his plan for the reconstruction of the South during the Civil War. He arranged the Ten-Percent Plan for Reconstruction in 1863. He wanted to rejoin the North and South after the war, his plan was planted on absolution. He wanted to end the war immediately, he feared the war would cause him to lose the public support and the North and South would never be reunited if the fighting did not stop quickly. He needed to bring the people back together as quickly as possible. December 1863 Lincoln offered his plan for Reconstruction which enforced that the States new constitutions prohibit slavery. In January 1865, the Thirtheenth Amendment was approved to put an end to slavery in the United States. Congress establishes…show more content…
Johnson, a Democrat, disliked the southern planter elite and was certain they had been the leading cause of the Civil war, but his behavior suggested otherwise. Johnson announced his own strategy for Reconstruction, which included a oath of devotion to the Nation, and the end of slavery that Southern states were obligated to take before they could be entered into the Nation. April 9 1866, The Civil Rights Act became law, overriding President Johnson's veto. The Act was to provide guaranteed citizenship to all Americans regardless of race and secured former slaves rights. Radical Republicans managed to obtain enough votes to override President

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