Reconstruction Dbq

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Introduction In 1865, when Reconstruction was going on in Southern of the United States, it was the command topic being spoken. Reconstruction purpose was to restore the South in back to the union. Also to rebuild the southern government, society and political right. The main concern was if the reconstruction was a success or just a waste of time. Many Historian agree that it was a success to other it wasn’t. When Abraham Lincoln had the idea of restoring the South back into the Union. He had made a bill called The Emancipation Proclamation which was a benefit toward the African American. Only if they are willing to give up succession and agree slavery abolished. The Emancipation Proclamation was to free all slaves, those who were in rebel …show more content…

In other words, Lincoln set free those slaves located in those rebel states as long as they all reunite with the North and agree with the term. Terms that were that Lincoln would set free the slaves, if and only they give up their succession and agree on ending slavery. Those who agreed with Lincoln’s term were provided property if they fight in the War and given political rights. Lincoln’s other promises was an Oath of allegiance to the Ten Percent Plan, a plan that prompt for the community of slaves to organize a new government. Also, they can reunite to the Union as long as ten percent of the voters pledge an Oath of allegiances. Even though, Lincoln promise those who pledge the Oath of allegiance to the ten percent, the political right wasn't …show more content…

The Confederacy destroyed for good in every state. The Federal government outlawed the slavery with the 13th amendment, which meant that slavery abolished. The 14th amendments defined citizenship and protected all American and the extended suffrage to all man in the 15th amendment. Like the freedman’s Bureau and civil right act help African American back on their feet. African Americans participated in new states and local government that work equal right into the rebuilder create services like school, railroads, hospital, housing, roads in the asylum. The Freedmen's Bureau helped free African-Americans legalize their marriages, attend school, and buy property, but limited to access to the courts. In 1971-72, 48 of the Boston schools have seventy percent or more black students enrolled in each school. Further, in 1971-72, 30 of the Boston schools have ninety percent or more black students enrolled on each school. Also, charitable organization and individuals especially the northern work to improve literacy and education for African Americans. The business opened new industries like the steel, cotton, and lumber mills to revitalize the economy. New cultural venues opened. Black institution and churches gained

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