Reconstruction Dbq Essay

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Throughout history, during the The Civil War and The Reconstruction Era the issues that occured than are still prevalent today. After the Civil War ended in 1865, The Reconstruction era occurred which was the period after the Civil War, where the Confederacy was brought back into the United States, making the country more unified. Even though there were many laws and restrictions that were put into place after this time, we still find these racial issues in our society today. The Bill of Rights was created to protect others to make our country prosper, however this did not successfully play the role that they were supposed to. Through the Reconstruction Era, African Americans were guaranteed the right that they can no longer be slaves or have…show more content…
In the southern states, politicians came up with Black Code Laws which laid out what freed African Americans were and weren’t allowed to do. These laws made African American’s First and Second Amendments very limited and were used to target people because of the color of their skin even though they were technically ‘free’. According to my notebook, while taking notes on Document B: Black Codes, laws were placed that, “No black person shall be allowed to go within the limits of the town of Opelousas without permission from his employers”, “No black person is allowed to be able to rent or keep a house within the limits of the town under any circumstances” and “Black People aren't allowed to hold public meetings within the limits of the town Opelousas -- unless they get permission of the mayor/president of the board of police” (Document B: Black Codes [History Notebook]). Even though amendments were placed they weren’t necessarily protected or enforced, as many Southerners created laws that worked against these amendments. For instance there was still segregation in schools, public transportation, voting rights, and property rights. African Americans were still being dehumanized by Black Codes and were being denied simple human rights because of their color of their skin. Despite the government trying to move forward in history trying to make our country more prosperous, people in southern states were trying to move back in history, trying to keep these issues still a problem- just like Donald Trump. Our President only tries to do what's best for him to get ahead to make his ‘party’ better than the others. He makes racial slurs and comments about other races only to better the white men/people. During one of his speeches in June 2015 announcing his candidacy, Trump referred to Mexican immigrants as
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