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Many people were homeless and had no money shortly after the civil war because there homes were destroyed or they were newly freed slaves. The reconstruction era was when the south was joining back with the the union and they were rebuilding their economy. The reconstruction was a hard time for the freedmen because they they had no money or a home and it was hard for them to find jobs to support their family. The reconstruction was overall an unsuccessful era. Politically it was alright because they made rights for the freedmen but economically and socially it was terrible Politically the reconstruction era was good because the government created rights for the freedmen so they weren't fully mistreated and harmed. Documents A, C and G give evidence to how the reconstruction era was politically successful. Document A shows the three new amendments 13, 14, and 15 that were added shortly after the Civil War. Amendment 13 was about how nobody should be treated as a slave amendment 14 is about everybody in the USA has the same right and the 15th amendment is every man has the right to vote. This shows that the government was trying to help the new Freedmen. Document C is about how the US created districts so they separated the states and it…show more content…
The negative part of it was in document E, it is about how the former plantation owners would take advantage of the freemen and treat them as slaves but it was legal.Plantation owners would lend them crops and land and in return get 50% of the total crop harvested but when the sharecropper came to give the landowner his share of the crop he would say this is not enough and make the sharecropper work for him for free. The positive part of it was The FreedMen's Bureau it was a government controlled group that helped freedmen find jobs. This helped the freemen support their families because before this they were homeless and the didn't have and money or a

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