Memory And Memory Essay

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The cognitive level of psychology studies the different mental processes by which humans obtain information. Some of these mental processes include: memory, perception, problem solving and attention. Memory is a cognitive process by which humans store and retrieve information. However, it has been proven that memory is not an exact capture of our past, but it is reconstructive, in which false memories are created. The reconstruction of memories can be affected by different factors, such as: language, prior knowledge or expectations.

In 1932, Bartlett carried out an experiment, in which he demonstrated that cultural schemas influenced the reconstruction of memory. Schemas can be defined as a “cognitive structure that provides a framework for organizing information about the world, events, people and actions” (cited in Law et al.,2010, p70). The aim of this experiment was to investigate whether
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I decided to use a convenience sampling technique because it was easier and it saved us time. There were a total of 32 participants, 16 participated in each condition. The sample involved teenagers of 14-16 years old. The parents or legal guardians of the participants under 16 signed the consent form.

From the total of 32 participants, 18 were male and 14 female. All participants are from Spain upper-middle class and they all speak a fluent English as they attend a British School, this means that they had no problems in understanding the instructions and questions of the experiment. The academic profile of all the students was practically the same. The target population was high school students at Oak House School in Barcelona. The range in age is from 13-18.


• Informed Consent form (see appendix 1)
• Note with the briefing and debriefing (see appendix
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