Reconstructionism In Education

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Humanistic educators believe that each student has potential growth to learn and become the best one can be. They believe that each child should feel valued emotionally and socially. The role of the teacher is to create a nurturing atmosphere in the classroom and to promote the growth of a whole person. This philosophy is very important to incorporate in a classroom because students should feel like they are doing a good job. They should know that the teacher wants them to succeed and that they actually care about them. One experience that I have had with a humanist educator was in my ceramics class. This class was particularly hard for me. I have never been very artistic, creative, or good with working with my hands, and this class involved those aspects that I lacked. I became very frustrated in that class. I could never make my pieces look the way I wanted them to be. To be completely honest I hated going to that class. The first couple of weeks in that class were a struggle, but then my teacher, Mr. Ballstaedt started to help me. If I was struggling on the wheel or having trouble with the clay Mr. Ballstaedt would come over and get me through it. He would explain to me what I was doing wrong and then he would show me the correct way to do it.…show more content…
Social reconstructionists believe that schools and educators should be addressing more social problems in order to create a better society. Today many students feel like they are entitled to everything. In all honesty students today are very spoiled. When students have problems they just whine to their parents and they fix it for them. Students today are babied and they need to learn how to take care of themselves and solve problems on their own. The future depends on students today. If educators started doing more service learning rather than just teaching about essential skills students today could have a huge impact on
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