Reconstructive Essay: What I Learned In My Class

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What did you learn in this course?
To be honest here I learned a lot in this course. APA format I have never done before until now. I like it much more than the MLA format. Writing better papers was a huge struggle for me. I got to thank online for that. When I was in a class setting I don’t do to good.

Was the course better or worse than what you expected?
I expected the worse from this course to be honest here. I never had an online course before and I was taking five of them this semester. Due to me having reconstructive surgery on my foot last year. I basically had to teach myself everything.
Of the three stories we read, which one was your favorite? Why?
I like the Catcher in the Rye story the best along with the John Lennon murder story.
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It got to be that Drama story. I don’t care for it too much. From the characters to the salty plot it was just boring to me. I understood what she was trying to accomplish though her actions but that 1930s theme put me to sleep. It should have had more action in it. The character to me wasn’t colorful enough. Is there anything you would like me, the teacher, to change?
Me personally I enjoyed your class. In fact if you teach British Literature I I would enjoy having you as my teacher again. The only problem I do have with you is your NFL team. Really? The Bears come on Jay Cutler sucks and doesn’t deserve that $100M contract. The people of Chicago should be getting their money back for paying to watch him play. He is the worse QB in the NFL. Do you think your final semester grade will adequately reflect the amount of time and preparation you put into the course? I think so I work hard this year. As crazy as this sounds I am glad I have surgery on my foot because with me just staying home and not out with friends. I have buckle down in my school work and more motivated to get my degree now. I write better papers now to do me being focus. I never thought I say this but I like English

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