Music Is Not Free Essay

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YES 1. More people will listen to it. 2. Some people cannot afford to buy and listen to it. 3. There are some musicians who compose music only because they are passionate, not with the intention of earning money. 4. Many people consume music for free through Spotify and various other services. 5. Considered to be a hybrid good, in terms of its concept and object. NO 1. It is not fair for the artist who is putting his time and effort in making music. 2. Even though bands make money from touring, musicians who start without the help of record labels require some kind of financial support. 3. Live shows and merchandise are bi-products of music. It is the song, which is valuable and is considered stolen if it is not paid for. 4. Huge sum of money is spent in making music and it should be compensated in terms of sale of music. 5. Unpredictable atmosphere. An artist may always not be popular and requires financial support through his previous songs. 6. When artists get money, they are motivated and work on more songs. My Analysis…show more content…
An artist spends a lot of time effort and also a lot of money from his/her own pocket to come up with a set of songs to be released. It is the passion that drives them to work so hard to get their songs recorded. However, it is very important for the artists to get something in return for the sacrifice that the do. This they expect in the form of money they earn from the sale of their songs. It is always assumed that an artist earns a lot of money from tours hence providing songs to consumers for free will not affect them in any way. This is a misconception as not all artists can be successful throughout their career. There may be ups and downs and artists may not be able to financially support themselves at that time. This money will come of use to them during that rainy

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