Recovery Meeting Reflection

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Taking the time to reflect on where you have been and where you are traveling before starting a new leg of your life journey truly assists you to realize the growth and the conversion that has occurred in you over the years. It 's beneficial to recognize both your strength and weakness and provide you specific insight on how to improve and what truly matters to you.
Before diving into why I’ve decided to attempt school after 20 years; it is essential to offer you a little perspective as to who Francoise Moisan is though most people call me; Tara, it is a long story, nonetheless; it is much easier to pronounce. I am a 43 year old single mother of 2, Buddy 9 and Ivy 11 and a recovering addict and bulimic. In the last 4 year of my recovery I’ve
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At my church as well as in my celebrate recovery meeting I serve as a leader both for my achievements and my natural ability to lead, even if I doubt my abilities. I perceive the larger picture and fill in the details to achieve the goal and assist people to reach the goal. I am also incredibly motivated and determined to achieve and to impart people with what I never received and accepting them where they are, not where I believe they should be, which translates into being everyone’s personal secret keeper since I seldom judge. It does happen, however, I find ways around that judgement and realize the person 's pain and possibly the reason why they act the way they…show more content…
And over the next 18 months I hope to develop a handful of self-confidence and self-worth, through building relationship with the other student along with the professor and showing myself that I can be a worthy student even with dyslexia. I hope to overcome my fear of public speak and handing in papers. And fine tune my natural abilities such a problem solving and leadership and to learn additional strategies of coping with the pressures and stress of life. In addition, I anticipate learning to be adaptable and flexible, especially in group

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