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What is Recreation? “Recreation is like a clean wind which blows through a person's total being and sweeps the cobwebs from the mind; and in that process totally refreshes to the extent that the individual is enabled to return to his regular routine ready, willing, happy, and able.”— (Agnes Durant Pylant) There are 7 billion people living in this world. Some people are going to school or work. Other people are to young for school or to old for work. But school and work aren’t the only things in the world besides eating, drinking and sleeping, people also have free time. The Bureau of Labor releases ‘the results of the American Time Use Survey’. The time diary study looks at how Americans spend their days. It probably comes as no surprise that…show more content…
But what are people doing in there free time? If you want to have an enjoyable time you will plan Leisure activities, these are the activities you enjoy doing and of your own personal preference. Within Leisure you have different sectors; Tourism, Media, Arts & Culture, Sports and of course Recreation. In this report we focus on the meaning of recreation. The word recreation comes from the original Latin word recreare which means; to refresh and renew. So, when a person is doing a recreation activity he/she is “re-creating”…show more content…
You can do activities like biking, skiing, bungee jumping and others. While doing these activities it gives you an opportunity to see the beauty of nature. Recreation through Entertainment Reading books or magazines, watching shows, movies and television, or participate in Theater and drama are all kinds of entertainment recreation. Recreation for Amusement Playing video or computer games, surfing on the internet, tourism, partying, shopping or visiting parks and museums are amusement activities. Club to Recreate This type of recreational activities promotes social interaction, team building or just a social gathering. You usually do these activities with your club, friends, company or organization. The types of recreation are: Sports, Camping and Ecologic Pursuits, Exercise, Food and Dining, Festivals and fairs, Art - crafts and sewing, Social clubs, Shopping, Media entertainment, Collecting - antiques and hobbies, Gaming, Literature, Family activities, Vacations & Volunteering. While doing these activities people hope that this can help to balance and refresh themselves from their daily activities such as school, work or other obligatory tasks such as cleaning the house, raising children and so

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