How Recruiting Affects Employee Performance

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As a researcher, I believe that employee is one of the most important assets in any organization. Recruiting the right people will directly impact the company performance in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction which are considered as major factors for any company surviving and growth. Therefore, recruitment is a huge base of company performance.
Recruiting impacts employees’ retention, performance and motivation. Here will rise the true HR techniques to avoid negative hires and negative turnover. As per the suggestion of Barber (1998) the organization can improve the performance in case if the recruitment team will focus on 3 phases: a) generating applicants – this means that the specific recruitment actions, such as informing the organization’s benefits that may help to increase the applicants’ numbers. b) Maintaining applicant interest – to be very professional during interview and to gain the applicants attention. c) Influencing job choices – certain kind of offers that might affect the decision of an applicant.
We should not underestimate the importance of employee quality in any organization. Because in the business history there are a lot of examples about collapsing of huge organizations, due to their employees. Such as Enron, Saudi
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Also, recruitment is an important reason for an outstanding performance and results of any organization, those two factors are mainly creating the value and good reputation to survive and compete. So, ensuring to recruit good quality of people will guarantee the competitive advantage and in the same time this is very challenging because hiring means extra cost where training needs to be considered and many more things. Then business future relies on the capability of HR to improvise and retain all good quality of

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