Recruitment And Selection Process Analysis

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Suitable recruitment strategies are crucial for attracting and recruiting the best talent for the organization. A good recruitment and selection policy provided a guideline for selectors to follow the procedures efficiently in order to appoint the most appropriate staff for the required jobs. The Human Resources Planning development should pay special attention for accurate planning and execution of their aimed objectives for achieving fruitful results. Concerted and due attention should be paid to the recruitment policy because it costs money and time for the people associated with this exercise. Being an essential part of any business activity it pays good dividends when it is followed properly according to the rules and regulation.
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Recruitment pertains to searching, interviewing, selecting and appointing appropriate and eligible staff for the required positions within the organization. Recruitment can be done by the in-house managers of the concerned organization or externally through; recruiting agencies; search consultancies or through advertisement. The use of internet services for recruitment is considered very effective and popular tool (Mitchell and Gamlem, 2012). Once the sources of recruitment have been decided then the process of hiring is undertaken for the required vacancies. This involves receiving applications of the candidates, choosing the most suitable applicants, calling the selected candidates for tests or interviews, selecting candidates according to the established recruitment strategies of the organization, checking the references and background of the selected…show more content…
A most appropriate recruitment and effective selection process ensure the growth and development of any organization. In today’s fast changing world of technological developments it is all the more important that employers adjust their recruitment and hiring policies by conducting step by step strategic analysis of these essential functions. Human Resource Planning is a continuous and systematic system of determining the needs for required personals under changing circumstances and developing effective long-term policies of the organization. HR Planning incorporates the human resource costs which effects and reflects in the corporate budgetary planning. Recruitment and selection is not only concerned with attracting fresh people for jobs but it also involves eliminating the unsuitable candidates and training the successful candidates into productive workforce. HR Planning helps in the development of business strategies. The emphasis on quality of workforce is an essential part of any business strategy. Proper and optimal staffing and organization is the key to its success. Under staffing effects adversely the economies of scale business and profits of the organization whereas over staffing proves a dead load of wasteful expenses, which at times prove difficult to eliminate because of legal restrictions and redundancy expenses. So, it is vital for recruitment process to be conducted in
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