Recruitment And Selection Process In Bharti Airtel

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1. The objective of the study is to analyze the selection and recruitment process for BHARTI AIRTEL.

2. To know the steps involved in the process and the candidate experience.

3. To select right candidates to the right jobs with optimum cost of employment.

4. To suggest ways to improve and advance the process of Recruitment and Selection in Bharti Airtel Limited so as to get the best candidates fit for the job.

5. Data Analysis of Bharti Airtel

6. Recommendations

Some of the basics of Recruitment and Selection

The process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within
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• Deciding who should make the selection process.
• Time effective
• Economical.

Factors affecting Recruitment:

Internal Factors External Factors
Size of the Firm Socio, Political and Legal Factor
Growth & Expansion Competitors
Recruitment Policy Supply and Demand
HR Planning Labour Market

Internal Factors:
1. Recruitment Policy:
Like any other organization, Airtel has its own recruitment policy which specifies the objectives of the recruitment and provides for the implementation of those recruitment strategies.. The recruitment policy of an organization is affected by the following factors:
• Organizational needs
• Organizational objectives.
• Preferred source of recruitment.
• Government policies on reservation.
• Personnel policies of the organization
• Recruitment cost and financial implications.

2. Human Resource Planning:
Effective human resource planning helps in determining the gaps present between the existing man power of the organization and the forecasted manpower. Accordingly the no of people to be recruited are decided.

3. Size of the Firm:
When a firm undergoes increase in size, more number of personnel is required and thus there is a need for hiring.

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Candidates who qualify in the technical interview move on for the panel interview.
• In the panel interview the candidates show their prowess in order to move on to the next round.
• The final round of the direct interview determines the candidate on a personal level to know if the he/she is a fit applicant for the job.
• Medical tests then follow to determine if the candidate is physically sound to join the job. The record of the employee’s health during the time of selection helps in settling the liabilities under the Workmen’s Compensation Act for any claim for injury.

Budget Allocation for the Recruitment Process:
Approximately 25% of the profit generated is contributed towards the recruitment and selection process for the entire year. Candidates will be recruited for other designations also in every year.
Joining Formalities
Verification of the following documents against Application blanks:
• Academic qualifications and certificates
• Experience or service certificates
• No objection or clearance certificates from prior employers
• Copy of offer letter.
Documents to be filled after joining:
• CV in company format
• Induction feedback

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