Recruitment Process Of Tesco

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First, we will talk about the recruitment and selection process of Tesco. About the recruitment process of Tesco, staff planning ensures it has enough and suitable talent to ensure business future in the future. Tesco calculate the specific demand of new staff based on the basement of work of store and non-store. It has three reasons of the available position of Tesco that is expanding store, vacancy-leave or promotion and new type position. This is the position that is related the management and non-management.
Tesco use the workforce planning table to develop the demand of new staff to fulfill the new store that expand in UK and other country. About the specific process of workforce planning, Tesco will make the review feedback in
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For every level, Tesco needs different specific skills to suit these jobs, they have different functions to manage and control the business. Tesco creates a seven-part module for every work level to provide core skills and behavior. Through this part, their staff can understand they whether have suitable skills to handle their jobs. In the recruitment of Tesco, the target is to attract applicant to apply the suitable job. The recruitment advertisement of Tesco is divided as two parts which is internal and…show more content…
The target of this process is to choose the most suitable applicant from the list to fulfill the vacancy demand. There have five steps in the selection process. The first step is screening that ensure the applicant who is chosen is the most suitable person for the next interview. Through recruitment advertisement, Tesco can collect many CV of applicant who interest the job. Based on these CV, Tesco will make a checking for these CVs and will present a specific introduction about information of applicant such as the education level, working experience and private information. Tesco through this method to consider the applicant whether fulfill the requirement of Tesco and choose who can entry to the next steps Also, Tesco makes a “job types match” on their website to make applicant know whether they are suitable for the job. After the screening steps, the passed applicants will conduct an interview with the HR manager to talk some basic condition of the applicant and ask some questions about Tesco. Then HR manager will call a meeting to decide who can pass into the next steps. But also, Tesco will send a letter to the applicant who cannot pass that make them know they are fail in this interview. After the first interview, the applicant will attend an assessment center, HR manage will provide a series of the practice about how to make a team operation in real work position and solve the problem. After that, the
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