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Recruitment is defined as the steps and procedures needed to legally obtain a number of qualified people in order for both the organization and people to select each other in their own best long and short term interests. (Schuler, Roberts and Schuler, 1987) In easier terms the whole process of recruitment allows the organization to select from a potentially qualified group of candidates in order to fill their vacancies.
There are several methods; an organization can utilize in order to recruit their desired candidate. The most suitable and appropriate options of recruiting a finance manager for MAS are discussed below.
Online Recruitment
In today’s generation more and more organisations are becoming dependent on the Internet for their manner
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This process refers to the steps required in selecting a candidate who has the right set of qualifications and skills to fill in the vacant job. (Herrenkohl, 2010) The stages in selection process are discussed below.
Preliminary interview
This interview’s main purpose is to eliminate those candidates who do not meet the criteria. For example, in the case of Malaysian Airlines, they require their finance manager to have a minimum of 5 years of finance related experience in order to be fit for a shortlisted applicant and potential employee for the firm. So in the case of an applicant having any one but not the other, MAS can easily eliminate the applicants then and save time and money by not further pursuing this candidate.
The objective is to determine whether or not the applicant has the requisite skills and qualifications for the job vacancy.
Review of applicants and
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Unstructured interviews
In general, structured interviews consist of standardized questions designed to efficiently determine if the candidate is up for the job available. (JOHN R. SCHERMERHORN, 2005) By standardizing the interview process for all candidates, structured interviews minimize bias so that employers can focus on the factors that will have a direct impact on job performance.
Unstructured interviews allow the interviewer to ask anything he or she wants, whether or not it’s valid. (Dessler, 2008) And unstructured interview usually doesn’t involve probing questions that yield further information about the reasons why a candidate responded as they did. If the employer doesn’t understand the thought process, their reasoning, then you don’t really understand how they might perform overall.
The purpose of interviewing is to compare various candidates and if you ask one candidate one series of questions and the other candidate a different set, how easy will it be to compare their answers to judge whether one came up with better answers than the other. (Harvard Business Review, 2017) But if you ask each one the same set of questions, you can then compare answer for answer and see who was able to answer better for each

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