Hotel Waste Management

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No disposable cutlery or other eating utensils are used.
The hotel recycles above and beyond the national requirements. All retired towels, linen etc. is either used for cleaning purposes or given to local charity.
Almost all suppliers provide products/food in reusable containers.
All larger equipment/furniture is taken to public recycling facility.


The restaurant has a policy to serve vegetarian and vegan dishes.
Goods are often purchased locally.
The hotel gives very strong preference to fair trade and eco-certified suppliers- often choosing to not have a service, rather than compromising our integrity.
The suppliers often bring their products on crates and cases, which are reused and taken back.
The items which
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Therefore the above parameter are being monitored and recorded on the monthly basis (e.g. water/electricity/gas meters).Comparing these figures from year 2016 then in the month of January Wyndham Atrium saved 9% in the total energy consumption for the year 2017; 13% in the electricity consumption; 47% in the water consumption; 7% in the district heating and 15% in the gas consumption. The ISO 50001 and EarthCheck certification ensures that an active and effective energy management system and the environmental issues is in place to bring about continuous improvement in all the areas. The above saving has been done in day to day operations where the hotel was careful to use the energy and water in a more responsible way, avoiding the waste and purchasing the environmentally-friendly products. Wyndham Atrium hotel also ask the guest to improve the sustainability practices followed in the hotel through the messages asking the guest to close the windows when the heating or air conditioning is on, turning off the lights when the guest leave the room, plus wash-on-request linen and towel policies, saving water while brushing the teeth or shaving and asking the guest to use the public transport.

Wyndham Atrium Hotel benefits from its own sustainability management system by recognising the potential for cost saving through efficiency improvements in the required areas or practices and furthermore
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The General Manager shared his views on the sustainability measures as the Hotel and Tourism industry is important for the growing economy as by 2030 the world will welcome 1.8 billion international visitors. Wyndham Atrium Hotel recognises this and makes efforts not only implementing sustainability initiatives in the hotel but also supports the neighbourhood and communities through local sourcing of the materials and manpower and value creation programme which can be beneficial to all in the long run. Through the implementation of ISO 50001 certification and EarthCheck, the operational efficiency has been improved and increase in the resources at the hotel. Since then the hotel is focused on becoming more eco-friendly through energy and water conservation strategies and proper waste management and recycling prodecures. For example, all the conventional bulbs has been replaced with the LEDs, water flow has been reduced with the help of water tap aerators, dual flush system in the

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