Recycling In Recycling

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Waste No disposable cutlery or other eating utensils are used. The hotel recycles above and beyond the national requirements. All retired towels, linen etc. is either used for cleaning purposes or given to local charity. Almost all suppliers provide products/food in reusable containers. All larger equipment/furniture is taken to public recycling facility. Others The restaurant has a policy to serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. Goods are often purchased locally. The hotel gives very strong preference to fair trade and eco-certified suppliers- often choosing to not have a service, rather than compromising our integrity. The suppliers often bring their products on crates and cases, which are reused and taken back. The items which are hard to recycle are recycled in city’s communal recycling. No unused amenities exist, as everything is refilling or washable. No yellow pages, but guest computer available for information gathering. No guest newspaper are delivered, only upon request, only common use in common areas. Active system in place to detect and repair all machinery and equipment on a regular monthly basis, and is run by the hotel’s engineering team. No captive wildlife, endangered species, products or any other form of unethical items are used, sold or allowed on the hotel. The guests are encouraged to use the bicycles or public transport, as more environmentally friendly and time efficient. Only washable dishes, cutlery, glasses, cups and mugs

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