Recycling Of Paper Recycling

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Handmade Paper Recycling We can recycle some types of papers handmade using the help of group of people using simple ways, clarified in the following stages: Collecting Papers from household and commercial premises. Cut the papers into thin slices and homogeneous parts then put them in water. Then Mix the wet papers with mixer machine and then put this mixture in flat special molds and dry it. You will Get a paper shape in this molds. Remove the outer frame of the mold. The paper contains a large amount of water, which is withdrawn through sponges. The fabric must calm. We return the paper into the mold and we reduce the amount of the remaining water. Then pull them from the mold and finally dry the paper. Problems of paper recycling De-Inking is One of the biggest problems with recycling paper is the need to remove ink from recovered paper that has already been used for printing. While this is not necessary for all types of paper, paper that does not have the ink removed will have a grayish tint. Grades of paper requiring high levels of whiteness and purity require the removal of printing inks. Additional chemicals must be used to remove the inks, which then must be washed away in large amounts of water. Sometimes the paper. Pulp is also bleached using hydrogen peroxide or, less ideally, chlorine, which, according to Waste Online, can sometimes combine with organic matter to produce toxic pollutants. Second problem Is Aches vest, Pressure-sensitive adhesives I
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