Recycling Of Recycling

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How can A.C.S community make recycling more interesting? Alex Fouladfard, Rafaelle Geday Mohammad El Zaim , Kamal Badreddine Science Fair Table of Content Introduction: 3-4 Material and Methods: 5 Result: 6-7 Discussion: 8 Conclusion: 9 Acknowledgments: 9 Glossary: 10-11 References: 11 Introduction For many years Lebanon has been struggling to find and eco friendly solution for the garbage crisis. Lebanese people started being aware of the pile of garbage dumped on landfills. With the government not finding a good solution protest from Lebanon went on the street asking the government to find a good way to take care of the garbage. The government responded but it was a solution that would harm the environment. Protester didn’t agree and what started to be a garbage problem came a revolution. The Lebanese are hoping that their protest will lead to there long awaited solution that is already used in most countries. The landfills are so big that people are able to see the landfills from google earth. With winter coming the garbage will be an even bigger problem. The rain would overflow, garbage spread all over the streets which could cause road blockage. When they burn the garbage it releases bad chemicals into the air. The cause will become acid rain that will ruin crops, grass and many other things. The one thing Lebanon is missing to solve this solution is to recycle. The recycling process involves having to first pick up all bottles. Then, the

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