Red Badge Of Courage And Episode Of War Analysis

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Throughout American history, the Civil War has been one of the most devastating and intriguing wars. May scholars and students of history have studied in depth this war, but it has been said that none have been able to portray it as accurately as Stephen Crane. Daniel Hoffman about Crane’s life wrote, “Crane 's life was brief; he was dead of tuberculosis before his thirtieth birthday. His career as an author lasted only from 1892 to 1900. Yet he wrote the greatest novel of the American Civil War, perhaps the best fictional study in English of fear The Red Badge of Courage” (Hoffman). The Red Badge of Courage according to James Woodress in his review of the novella said, “It is the most famous of all novels written about the Civil War” (Woodress). Another text, also by Crane and about war titled Episode of War was quoted to be how, “ Crane focuses on capturing the way war and injury isolate the soldier both from his fellow soldiers and from his family. Crane additionally demonstrates the fear experienced by the man and explores the way his injury shapes his perceptions” (Derda). Throughout time, both of these stories were well liked and intriguing because of their realistic qualities that were made by the strong use of diction, actions, and sense of emotion and thought throughout the novel. In Stephen Crane’s Red Badge of Courage and Episode of War, he used strong diction or language to convey feelings to and intrigue the reader. In The Red Badge of Courage this theme
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